Why You Should Order from Your Local Flower Store

When you want to send someone flowers, it's easy to look up a commercial company and order flower arrangements online. However, it's a great idea to consider using a local flower delivery company to bring your flowers to you, especially in a direct manner.

Why order from your local flower store when you want to send someone flowers? Use the following reasons to help you understand why your local flower store is worthy of your business.

1. You support your local business

When you order flowers online through a larger company, you support large businesses and your local florist may or may not be part of that profit. However, when you choose your local flower shop to send flowers to someone you care about directly, your local store gets the business as well as your support. You can support your local flower business in more than one way: by ordering from them directly, by referring family and friends to your local floral shop, and by leaving positive reviews after your satisfactory purchase.

2. You get to be more involved in your order

You can drive right over to your local flower delivery facility to make a custom order, working directly with the people who will put the arrangements together. If you choose an online or commercial company, even if you have a custom request, you don't get to be more involved in the way the flower arrangement turns out.

Choosing a local company allows you to get fresh flowers sent out to the recipient with your direct orders. If you go into the local flower shop directly, you get this added bonus: being able to visually approve the flower arrangements you're sending out before you pay for them and have the recipient receive them. You don't get to approve the flowers you order beforehand when you order from an online store or a larger non-local flower shop, although you do often get to see a preview of what prearranged floral arrangements look like when ordering basic bouquets.

Your local flower store specialist will help you design a beautiful bouquet. They will then deliver the bouquet to the recipient for a lovely surprise. Some flower shops have custom additions you can put on a flower arrangement as well as basic bouquets. You can learn more about these and many other benefits by contacting and working closely with a local flower store.

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