4 Types Of Wedding Flowers A Florist Can Provide

Flowers are a traditional fixture at most weddings. They offer natural beauty, fragrance, and color that's unmatched by any artificial decorations. A florist is skilled at selecting and arranging flowers for decorative purposes. Here are four ways a florist can provide you with beautiful wedding flowers.

1. Create beautiful table decorations.

On your big day, you and your guests will probably spend most of your time at the wedding reception. A florist can create beautiful table decorations for you and your guests to enjoy. Bouquets in vases make excellent centerpieces. If you want something more ornate and elaborate, your florist can strew loose flowers over the table. Discuss your overall theme and style ideas with your florist, and they can help you come up with the perfect floral decorations to match.

2. Carry a stunning bouquet.

Brides traditionally carry a bouquet as they walk down the aisle. Bouquets are highly customizable. They can be made with almost any combination of flowers. If you don't have a favorite type of flower, you may want to leave the exact flower selection to your florist. You can offer suggestions by letting your florist know what colors you prefer. That will allow your florist to choose the freshest blooms that are currently in season. Fancier bouquets often feature other types of adornment too. Ribbons and other accessories may be added to your bouquet upon request.

3. Don't forget the boutonniere. 

The bride isn't the only member of the wedding party who can take advantage of beautiful flowers. It's traditional for the groom to wear a flower as well. Boutonnieres are traditionally worn pinned to the lapel of a jacket. The pin itself is often decorative; it's not uncommon to find pins with pearlized heads used for this purpose. Most couples choose flowers that match. The groom can wear a boutonniere that uses the same flowers featured in the bridal bouquet. A single large flower framed by babies breath or other green foliage can be a perfect choice.

4. Accessorize with flowers.

You will likely spend a lot of time planning your wedding outfit. Your wedding dress is naturally the most important part of your overall look. However, you'll need to think about accessories too. Many brides decide to eschew traditional accessories, like jewelry, in favor of accessorizing more naturally with flowers. Flowers can be pinned in your hair or worn around your wrist for a fresh and natural look.

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