Five Fall Floral Ideas For Your Holiday Harvest Table

Just because the weather turns cooler doesn't mean you can't have fresh floral arrangements and accents on your fall table. In fact, there are many beautiful blooming displays that are perfect for the holidays and readily-found this time of the year.

Here are five floral ideas that are perfect for fall tables:

1.       Start with Mums. Colorful potted mums are a sign and symbol of fall and perfect for welcoming guests at your front door. Another way to use mums is in your tablescape by placing them on the ends of your buffet or bar for a pop of color. Mums are hardy and easy to care for, which make them a great gift for hosts and hostesses, too.

2.       Select small succulents. Choose small potted succulents to place at each table-setting during parties or holiday meals. These small plants don't require a lot of water or maintenance, and they serve double-duty as practical party favors for your guests to take home after. Consider lining small pots down the center of your table, on a runner or nested among branches and greens.

3.       Go with groupings. Since tall arrangements or large plants can interfere with conversation at a party, go with short-cut blooms in individual vases or bowls. Place risers in the center of the table to vary the height but try to keep each vase under 12 inches in total height.

4.       Consider the cost of dried flowers. Another approach is to invest in dried arrangements and wreaths for your fall décor. Talk to your florist about the availability of dried flowers and what options you have for your holiday centerpieces or gift ideas.

5.       Use your bounty. When you think of fall, does a cornucopia come to mind? If you want a bountiful harvest table this holiday season, decorate with a variety of vegetables, gourds, and greens; add something fresh, like branches or fresh herbs, for greenery. Add some short-stalked sunflowers in short vases around your display for a pop of color if you like.

You may also want to consult with your favorite florist about specific species and specials that could be in-season for your upcoming event or party. They can point toward practical and pretty options for your distinct location and climate.

Got a holiday gathering or party coming up? Use these fall floral ideas to set a beautiful and bountiful table for your family and friends. Visit florists in the region to find plants, flowers, and greenery for a creative and welcoming display this season.

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