Create Hanging Terrariums For Your Cactus Collection

If you love plants and have recently purchased some small cacti that you would like to display in your home, use glass spheres to create hanging terrariums. Glass spheres will allow plenty of sunlight to filter through the terrariums and the glass enclosures will keep your plants protected. The terrariums can be hung from hooks that are installed in a ceiling or hardware that is part of a plant display rack. 


  • glass spheres
  • cacti
  • cloth fabric
  • garden gloves
  • spoon
  • small shovel
  • potting soil
  • spray misting bottle
  • water 
  • embellishments
  • hooks
  • power drill
  • plant rack

Choose A Theme And Purchase Materials

Glass spheres come in a variety of sizes and some have smooth surfaces, whereas others have beveled edges. View and purchase glass spheres that will be large enough to encase the cactus plants that you own. Do some research to determine how large the cactus could potentially grow to be so that you select glass spheres that can be used for a long duration.

Choose a theme for your new terrariums. Perhaps, you would like to adorn the outside of each sphere with stickers, gemstones, or labels. Another option is to place small scale model figures around the cactus that you plant so that each terrarium represents a landscape. Small homes, signs, people, and animals can be purchased from a hobby shop if you choose to go this route.

Plant And Water The Cactus

Use a cloth to cover a table. Set the potted cactus on the cloth. Protect your hands from being injured by the protrusions on each cactus stalk by wearing gloves. Use a spoon or small shovel to scoop up soil that surrounds each cactus. Once the first cactus plant is wobbly, carefully grab the top of the plant with one of your hands.

Use fresh soil to plant the cactus in one of the glass spheres. Use a spray misting bottle to moisten the soil that surrounds the cactus. Use the embellishments that you purchased to decorate the inside and outside of the glass sphere. Repeat these steps to successfully plant the remaining cactus plants. 

Hang And Maintain The Terrariums

Choose a room in your home that receives ample sunlight. A room that contains bay windows or a skylight will work well. If you are going to hang the terrariums from hooks that are secured to the room's ceiling, use a power drill to create holes before inserting the ends of the hooks through them. Tighten the hooks before hanging one glass sphere from each hardware piece.

If you would rather use a plant rack to display the terrariums, purchase a rack that will provide you with plenty of space to hang each terrarium. Set the rack in the corner of the room. Maintain the terrariums by using soapy water and a cloth to occasionally wipe the outside of each glass enclosure. Lightly water the cactus plants at regular intervals. 

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