How To Buy Flowers In Difficult Situations

Buying flowers for someone special can be challenging, especially if there are special considerations. Things like allergies, having a pet, or not having ample light for the arrangement are all things that may make you second guess flowers. Fortunately, there are ways around these challenges.


Most flower allergies revolve around the pollen. Fortunately, there are flower options that don't have pollen. Lilies are a popular choice, just make sure the florist removes the anthers (which hold the pollen) before delivery. Fortunately, most florists do this automatically because lily pollen can stain the petals. Daffodils, tulips and hydrangea are also good choices since they all produce little to no pollen. If you are still nervous about allergies, though, choose non-flower arrangement options. A potted cactus or succulent, or a pretty arrangement of colorful hosta or coleus leaves can serve much the same purpose.


Pets, cats in particular, sometimes chew on flower arrangements. You want to make sure anything you choose won't hurt the pet. Avoid lilies if there are cats in the house, as these can be deadly. Other common toxic plants in floral arrangements include ivy and kalancho. Instead, opt for nontoxic options like sunflowers, Gerbera daisies, or zinnias. When ordering your flowers, make sure the florist knows your concerns and request that they avoid the use of any filler other than fern leaves, since many filler plants are toxic. Also, avoid any arrangement where the cat could reach the water inside the vase, since the flower preservative in the water could make them sick. If you are really concerned, skip the flowers entirely and instead get a bouquet of catnip or a pretty pot of cat grass. These are both attractive and both the recipient and their cat will enjoy them.

No light

No light? No problem. Even a dark basement level apartment can be brightened up with a floral arrangement. Dracaena, also called lucky bamboo, can thrive in only artificial light. A peace lily is another option if you want to provide a gift that also blooms. Otherwise, opt for foliage options like pothos or snake plants. For cut flowers, choose those that have already bloomed, such as roses or daisies, as opposed to closed buds that may not open unless they are exposed to light.

For more help in these situations or other baffling yet challenging circumstance, contact a florist in your area to discuss more options.

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